Thursday, February 21, 2008

Larry Davis Stabbed To Death In Jail

Larry Davis earned legendary hood status when he shot six NYC police officers when they raided his sister apartment to arrest him on charges of murdering five drug dealers. He escaped this raid and led cops on a massive 17-day manhunt, later surrendering. Davis' defense in the shootings would be that the raid was staged to murder him based on his knowledge of police corruption in the drug business. The jury acquitted him of attempted murder and aggravated assault, but found him guilty of weapons possession.

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Mr said...

The police were not there to arrest him only to question him.

A senior police official, who asked not to be identified, said no charges were immediately brought against Mr. Davis because "once you move to introduce an accusatory instrument you lose the benefit of being able to talk to that person." The official said Mr. Kunstler, in drawing attention to these questions, was "really trying to create confusion in the case" and said prosecutors must "stick to the simple issues of guilt or innocence on the individual charges" against Mr. Davis.

NYTimes, October 18, 1987